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Neck stretches

How often do you feel your neck sore or tight? Usually, neck pain is caused from bad posture (sitting all day on your laptop, driving etc.), wrong pillows in bed or simply stress. When you get stressed, shoulders are coming to the front (you close your chest) and your head moves forward like you are ready to run. A stiff neck leads to headaches and upper back pain.

Regardless of pain or not, it’s good to do the following neck stretches every day.

Sit nice and tall on a chair or on the floor and imagine that someone is pulling you from the crown of your head. Keep the chin parallel to the floor and breathe slowly and deeply. Synchronize your breath with the movement. Remember to only move your neck and head and keep the rest of the body still.

  • Inhale and look up at the ceiling, exhale and lower your chin. Repeat slowly 5 times.

  • Inhale look to the front, exhale and turn the head to the right side. Inhale again to the front, exhale and turn to the left side. Repeat 5 times.

  • Inhale and lengthen your neck and look to the front, exhale and bend your head to the right. Send the left shoulder away from the left ear and stay for 5 deep breaths. Turn the head and look at your right knee (now your will feel a stretch at the back of your neck) and stay for 5 breaths. Inhale to the center and switch sides.

  • Drop your chin and inhale slowly and do a half circle to the right side, exhale again from the same side. Switch sides and repeat 3 times. During the half circles relax your neck, be careful not to go all the way back and stop half inch before compressing the spine.

                      Good luck!

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